Jonah’s Testing

I meant to update this days ago, but I’ve been busy with the holiday shopping and having the boys home 24/7 and all that.  We had the appointment to get Jonah tested this past Friday, 12/16.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take, but I figured Jonah would make it to school somewhere near lunchtime.  When I called in the morning to let the school know he would be late they told me that 11:45 was the cut-off.  Meaning that even if he showed up after that that he would be counted as absent.  And that’s how it ended up.  We got to the psychologists office at 9:30am as scheduled and didn’t get out until 1:30pm.  Even though we were, apparently, her only appointment that day it took her a little while to get the testing started.  She had a playroom with lots of neat toys that she let him “warm up” in at first as Joe and me filled out all the paperwork she gave us.  She eventually took him into her office while we still filled stuff out.  He got a break after about 45mins, but eventually was taken back in to finish the testing.  After things were over she asked us to stay as she put the info into her computer.  Long story short, the child is “gifted” as they call it.  It’s quite likely that he misbehaves because he is bored and unchallenged.  His IQ is 137!   She pulled up a couple different numbers.  Age-wise he is in the 80-90 percentile.  Grade-wise he is in the 95-99.8 percentile.  We are still waiting for the official report, but once we get it we are supposed to go to the school and advocate to have him put into advanced classes.   She mentioned that in other states, because of the age grade cut-off, he would actually be in 1st grade, but because Florida’s cut-off is September 1st he is stuck in Kindergarten.  Basically, he is bored and unchallenged and Joe and I have some work to do.  I will update after the new year after we talk to the school.



3 thoughts on “Jonah’s Testing

  1. Amanda Shuffitt says:

    I’m so glad the testing went well and you were able to catch his greatness early. Not that you or Joe are this person, but try not to put too high of expectations on him and let him be a kid. I’m sure ya’ll with have so much fun trying to find out what he likes to do that will work for him at his level. I’d give him a 500 piece puzzle and see if he likes it.


  2. Kristina Quinones says:

    So glad you got some answers… Florida public schools have gifted programs and they are wonderful Robert was in them all thru elementary and went to a magnet middle school that focuses on their strengths.. Up here their is nothing like that so he has spent the last 6 years bored to death in class but always makin a’s… Do some research about the schools in your area because the gifted program starts in 1st grade… I will continue to pray for you guys.. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Love u

  3. Jason says:

    I would be careful about telling him about his IQ and what that means. Personally, I don’t much believe in the IQ tests but, regardless, I knew a kid in junior high and high school who was tested young and got a high score. His parents made the mistake of telling him about it and he began to lord it over the rest of us because he was “better” than us. In any case, long story short, he wound up with no friends at all because he handled it badly. I mean, he was a kid and was always going to handle that badly, as were the rest of us. But his parents/doctors really should have kept that info to themselves. I suppose in Jonah’s case this may prove to be highly important information, but you should use it as a way to stimulate Jonah and make sure he doesn’t feel superior to other kids who may have a lower score. Just my two cents, anyway.

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