Not the Day We Expected. :(

Well, the good news is that Noah had a great first day at his new school.  He loved his teacher, already made some friends, and overall had a great day.  Typical Noah – easygoing and highly adaptable.  Then, there was Jonah.  I get a call while waiting in the pick-up line from the principal, and she proceeds to tell me that he is in her office, has assaulted (her word) two teachers, and is being suspended for three days.  I pulled out of the line, parked my car, gathered Noah, and headed to the office.  His teacher is also in the principal’s office.  She tells me that she was having the kids line up to go inside after recess, but Jonah wouldn’t line up.  He wanted to stay and play.  She knelt down to him to explain that they needed to go inside to do a project, so he hit her in her mouth (not very hard, she had no injury of any kind).  Another teacher came over to assist and he began kicking and screaming.  All inexcusable behavior.  They managed to wrestle him onto a nearby golf cart and get him to the office where they called me.  I just don’t understand where all of his defiance comes from.  He is treated very well, and given lots of love and attention.  He does get spankings when one is warranted, but nothing is taken overboard.  I’m just so confused.  Now, I do not regret taking him out of the Christian school.  I think that as the leader of a Christian school and in charge of enforcing a Christian curriculum and Christian life, you should not be making promises to a child and his parents, who clearly all need some help, that you don’t intend to keep.  That’s called lying.  And I was tired of paying their crazy tuition, anyway.  And, of course, I’m not naive, I didn’t expect that changing schools would suddenly change Jonah into the perfect angel, but I NEVER expected him to take it to this level.  EVER.  At the most, I expected him to display the strong will that caused problems at the private school, and that the public school – that has more resources on hand – would take the necessary steps to help us help him.  But, he never even gave them the chance.  So, we have given in and made an appointment to see his pediatrician on Monday to ask her what sort of treatment/s could help him.  Even medication.  This has gone too far, and I give up.  Clearly, everything that we are doing simply is not working, and it’s time to bring in the professionals.  I hate even having to say that.  😦


4 thoughts on “Not the Day We Expected. :(

  1. Kristina Quinones says:

    well damn… what a shitty day 😦 i’ll keep praying love u

  2. Karen Inlow says:

    So sorry to hear this. Will pray that the pediatrician can give some good advice/help with this. Love to all

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