God Is Still God

My new favorite song is ‘God Is Still God’ by Heather Williams.  The first time I heard it was a week after my stillbirth, and I literally felt like she was singing it TO me.  Just me and only me.  I cried, I smiled, I heard her.  I heard HIM.  It was amazing.  I heard the song at least two more times that day, and numerous times over the next few days.  It still feels like my song when I hear it.  It will always be a special song to me.


2 thoughts on “God Is Still God

  1. Amanda Shuffitt says:

    Its amazing how a song written by someone we’ve never met seems to fit our life. Even though you will always remember your situation every time you hear this song, I’m glad that you have something to hold on to. I agree that we should all move on after tragic events but we should always remember. Luv you!

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